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Where can I donate clothes in El Paso Texas?


We purchase raw donations from Goodwill stores, Salvation Army, Churches, Schools and local charities. These clothes are sorted for many different lines of clothing to offer to people most in need. An example of where these clothes end up is from our work with the school districts in El Paso, Tx. We have a program set up to provide clothing to the children in the school districts that are most in need. This includes jackets in the winter, jeans, pants, shirts, etc.

Recycle clothes, rags, shoes and more

Mixed Rags

When purchasing mixed rags from our customers, we look for vibrance in the product. Quality varies greatly when dealing with mixed rags also called institutional clothing. We have some great partners that we purchase from and are always looking for new customers to build a relationship with. We provide competitive pricing on all grades of clothing.

Your old used tennis shoes, work boots, etc can be handed to charity

Used Shoes

We have recently added shoes to our departments of clothing.

We work closely with our customers to provide high quality products to our markets. With our different markets in shoes we are always looking for good quality paired shoes.

Donate old stuff around the house for a good cause.


With our raw donations comes different categories of merchandise that we sort for. From hard toys and linens to sporting equipment and kitchenware or glassware just about any common household item can be a candidate for donation.

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      At El Paso High School
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      Meet & Greet
      The Fund Raising Team
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      Main Event
      Clothing Collection Stations
    • 15:00 16:00
      Awards & recognitions
      Kenny Mc Cormick
    • June5 @1PM
      Del Valle High School
      Clothing Collection
    • 13:00 16:00
      jQuery Plugins 2012
      Wendy Testerburger
    • 16:00 18:00
      Ruby on Rails
      Arthur Spooner
    • 18:00 23:00
      Community awareness
      People do care
    • 10:00 14:00
      UI/UX Design
      Jesse Williams
    • 14:30 16:00
      Webdesign Trends 2012
      Steven Taylor
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      Responsive Design
      Roger Forrester
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      Chill Out and Party
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